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JESUS THE HEALER MINISTRIES PRESENTS JESUS THE HEALER ALBUM. THIS MINISTRY ACTUALLY INTERACTS WITH THE 'OUTCASTS' OF SOCIETY, OPPOSED TO WHAT IS THE NORM OF THE DAY FOR 'MINISTRY'. BEING 'CLEAN' AND DELIVERED MY SELF FROM HOMELESSNESS, AND DRUG USE, GOD HAS PLACED A ZEAL TO RETURN TO HELP THOSE WHO ARE STILL STRUGGLING. PROCEEDS FROM ALBUM SALES WILL ASSIST IN THIS EFFORT.  The singers on this album, are all Christians, and Love Advancing the Agenda of the Kingdom. The Music Producer of this Album is Markus Johnson of Markus Johnson Praise and Worship Productions.  http://www.amazon.com/Free-Worship/dp/B00A3CVD88  . For Listeners in the Calhoun County Area, Tune into the 'Dry Your Eyes Inspirational Broadcast every Saturday at the 11 o'clock hour.   

Thanks in Advance.

Ms. Clark