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The Founder, Ms. Tonya Clark

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About Us

Drug abuse is at an all time high and it has preyed on our youth as well as the older generation. This is a Program of Action to make a Lifetime of Difference and is birthed thru the 'ARC' Concept.

Regaining One's Identity, and Keeping It!

We are all familiar with the 'Amber Alert'. It is a National Calling Call 'Alert', that goes forth to  warn the public of a missing child, and to assist if at all possible, by being aware of  'Tags, Color of Vehicles, and etc.. to aid in finding the missing child.

Similarly Addicts  eventually lose their identities, through bad choices and  leading their lives down a tumultuous path, that eventually will lead to Death or Imprisonment. Some have lost their identities to 'Molly',  'Crack" , 'Crystal Meth',  "Heroin",, "Cocaine", Alcoholism, in addition to Pain Medications.  This Project is a "National Calling Call"  to assist in bringing these people back to 'themselves'.   Luke 11:12 ,, These Addicts must return back to 'Themselves',, before its too late.

Here at the ARC ,  We are petioning for your  financial assistance in any form, small or great to began the Building of the 'Arc". This is a 12 step Based Spiritual Program, with the Proclamation of Jesus as being the "Key" to Staying Clean and Sober,, Not just for 3 or 6 mos.,, But for a LIFETIME.

Arc 1 - Atlanta , Ga.
Arc 2- Anniston,  Alabama

God Bless.

Administrator- Founder- Tonya Clark
Assistant Admin.- Lynn Ramsey Smith

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